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President Vladimir Putin has begun a large security operation in the surrounding areas, but the North Caucasus remain a violent place

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(3) Ensure, in collaboration with the designated OPO, that the family of each potential donor is informed of its options to donate organs, tissues, or eyes or to decline to donate

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1.3 inches of rain fell in the area affected by the Waldo Canyon wildfire in 2012, which is more vulnerable

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Runnels said Clark County is forming a substance abuse coalition, Madison has had one for years and she’d be surprised if Greene County didn’t move in that direction

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in the Guidelines for the Pharmacology and Therapeutics Advisory Committee (PTAC) and its Subcommittees

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Van Cutsem died last week at age 72

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We begin with walks in the nearby wildlife sanctuary, discussions of our past encounters with nature, a study of the Amherst Campus, and, while the weather is still warm, a hike or two