(i) The particulars of our organization, functions and duties are available on the tab “about us” on the website of the Academy.

(ii) The powers and duties of the Officers and employees are as follows :

(a) Director : Head of the Institution and is appellate authority under RTI Act.

(b) Two Senior Faculty Members : Responsible academic activities, presently both the posts are vacant.

(c) Administrative Officer : Looks after the administration and is the Public Information Officer.

(iii) Decision making authority is with Hon’ble the Chief Justice-cum-Patron-in-Chief of Jharkhand High Court, there is a Governing Body, details are available on the website.

(iv) Norms for discharge of duties are in regulation framed by the state government.

(v) There is a regulation for discharging the functions of the Academy. The governance, control and administration of the academy vests in the Governing Body. The Chief Justice of the High Court of Jharkhand is the Chairman of the Governing Body.

(vi) Reading materials either generated by the Academy or supplied by resource persons.

(vii) There is no involvement of public or its representatives in formulation of policies rather the Governing Body constituted under regulation formulates the policies and takes decisions.

(viii) In tab “who is who” there is detail of Members of Governing Body under the regulations there is a provision for meeting of Governing Body, twice in a year and for day to day affairs the Patron-in-Chief is authorized to take decisions.

(ix) The directory of officers and employee are given herein below :

1. Hon’ble Mr.Justice Dr. Ravi Ranjan, Chief Justice, Jharkhand High Court-cum- Patron- in-Chief, Judicial Academy Jharkhand

Office: 2281186 High Court EPBX No. 2480307 2481308 2482309 2482312 (Ext-101)
2772100 (Patron-in-Chief Chamber)
Fax: 2772008
Residence: 2282000 , 2202000

2. Hon’ble Mr. Justice H. C. Mishra, Member, Governing Body of Judicial Academy Jharkhand, Ranchi High Court

Office: High Court EPBX No. 2480307 2481308 2482309 2482312 (Ext-103)
2772101 (Academy Chamber)
Fax: 2772008
Residence: 2411600 , 2411616

3. Hon’ble Mr. Justice Aparesh Kumar Singh, Member, Governing Body of Judicial Academy Jharkhand, Ranchi

Office: High Court EPBX No. 2480307 2481308 2482309 2482312 (Ext-104)
2772102 (Academy Chamber)
Fax: 2772008
Residence: 2410900, 2410999

4. Sri Gautam Kumar Choudhary Director

Office: 2772103
Fax: 2772008
Mobile : 9431170257

5. Sri Rajesh Sharan Singh Addl. Director-cum-Sr. Faculty Member-I

Office: 2772002
Fax: 2772008
Mobile : 9123419236

6. Sri Biresh Kumar Addl. Director-cum-Sr. Faculty Member-II

Office: 2772020
Fax: 2772008
Mobile : 8709753933

7. Sri Sourav Kumar Gautam Administrative Officer

Office: 2772001
Fax: 2772008
Mobile : 9123419404

Scale of Pay

Sectioned Strength Men in Position
Name of Pay Band Pay Band /Scale Grade Pay
Director 70290-1540-76450 1 1
Senior Faculty Member 51550-1230-58930  2 2
Administrative Officer  27700-770-33070-920-40450-1080-44770 1 1
Section Officer PB-II 9300-34800 4800 1 1
Assistant PB-II 9300-34800 4600 2 1
Librarian PB-II 9300-34800 4200 1 1
Accountant PB-I 9300-34800 4200 1 1
Stenographer PB-I 5200-20200 2400 2 2
Driver PB-I 5200-20200 1900 3 3
Peon 1S 5200-20200 1800 6 6


Budget Received during Financial Year 2016-17 : Rs. 4,24,00,000.00
Sl. No.


Received Budget

1. Salary 16,880,000.00
2. LTC 200,000.00
3. TA 300,000.00
4. Office Expenses 1,000,000.00
5. Machine & Tools 500,000.00
6. Publication 300,000.00
7. Professional Services 5,345,000.00
8. Library 500,000.00
9. Telephone 900,000.00
10. Uniform 25,000.00
11. Training 10,000,000.00
12. Electricity Expenses 4,000,000.00
13. Sumptuary 150,000.00
14. Fuel of Genset 2,000,000.00
15. Fuel Motargari (Fuel & Repair) 300,000.00
Total  4,24,00,000.00


(xii) There is no such provision of subsidy programmes.

(xiii) No recipients of concessions, permits or authorizations granted by us – Judicial Academy Jharkhand has been imparting training to the Judicial Officer and other stake holders of justice delivery system.

(xiv) All the informations regarding Judicial Academy Jharkhand is available on website of the Academy.

(xv) Public can obtain information which are not available on the academy’s website, through Right to Information Act.

(xvi) (a) Sri Gautam Kumar Choudhary, Director, Judicial Academy Jharkhand, Ranchi is the Appellate Authority

(xvi) (b) Sri Sourav Kumar Gautam, Administrative Officer, Judicial Academy Jharkhand, Ranchi is the Public Information Officer.

(xvii) All other information are available on the website of the Academy.