The following courses covered during the academic session

– Orientation Training Course

– Refresher Training Course

– Office Management Course

– Computer Training Course

– Refresher Training Course with Computer Training

– Office Management Course with Computer Training

– Refresher Training Course on Labour Law and On Adjudication

– Orientation Course on Motor Accident Claim Tribunal (MACT)

– Professional Advancement Course

– Orientation Programme for newly Promoted/Appointed Officers in District Judge Cadre

– Orientation Programme for Civil Judge “Senior Division”

– Orientation Programme for Principal District Judge on Promotion

– Intensive Training Course on Mediation of 40 hrs duration followed by 10 Successful Mediations

– Refresher Training Course on “Role of Forensic Science in Scientific Investigation of Criminal Cases”

– Conference on Cyber Laws and Appreciation of Electronic Evidence

– Conference on Sentencing and Victim Rights

– Conference on Human Trafficking

– Conference on Organised Crime – Role of Police, Prosecution and Court

– Seminar on “The Power and Responsibilities of the P.M., J.J. Board and Presiding Officers, Children Court under J.J. Act and Child Psychology”

– Conference on Medico Legal Jurisprudence

– Conference on POCSO, Crime against Women, Prevention of Atrocities (against ST / SC) Act

– Conference on Extremist violence and financial frauds: Role of Police Prosecution and Court