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Major Bottlenecks in Procedural Laws affecting expeditious conclusion of Criminal Trials and Measures needed to remove such Bottlenecks View
Conference on Medico Legal Jurisprudence View
Intensive Training for S.D.O. / Magistrates on Relevant Provisions of Cr.P.C.; S.P.T. and C.N.T. View
Transitions to Sustainable Forest Management and Rehabilitation in Asia-Pacific Region by M.P.Singh View
Case Laws On Mediation prepared by JUDICIAL ACADEMY JHARKHAND View
Newly Born Child Of Jharkhand May Live To Witness The Extinction Of  Humans by Vandana Singh View
An Endeavour: Mandatory Application of Mediation by Civil Courts in Pending Litigation by Hon'ble Mr. Justice F.M. Ibrahim Kalifulla View
Handbook On Land Law View
Reading Material On Human Trafficking View
Post-conference Souvenir On Conference On Environmental Issues & Climate Change Jharkhand Chapter View
Souvenir On Conference on Environmental Issues & Climate Change Jharkhand Chapter View
Criminal Court Rules View
Civil Court Rules View