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Once you truly love someone, it’s impossible not to be at least a little vested in their wellbeing, even if they’re a prick.
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We need to teach principles to our children and not formulas
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Gonyo works with a number of area bars and liquor stores to keep tabs on fakes
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Lillian loves taking care of her two children (one having special needs) — this is the blessing God has given her
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To the OP - yes, your period would be one week earlier going forward
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By the time, they slap a GSM and other radio chips on it, it won't be that thin and won't cost that low
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You really need to see a breast specialist for this, and the A&E route will be quickest way to see someone
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and is transported to certain organs with vitamin D-binding protein binders, which in turn regulates
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I used to be able to walk into a shop, select a bag of grass from a rack, put it on my credit card and go home
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Value shifted away from the computer industry’s physical product—hardware—to the software and services surrounding it
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