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copying this post verbatim to as many of them as I can in order to share my experiences and what I feel

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Si vous avez un medicament a me conseiller pour faire disparaitre ces idees obsedantes, je vous serais tres reconnaissant

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of professional rugby some of it goes quite wide of the mark (see if you can guess which bits) [...]Wonderful

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[98R] Bernhard Obermaier, Cristian Munteanu, Gert Pfurtscheller, Agostinho Rosa

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with mom, she said I should talk to David about such-n-such, and talk to Dan about yadayada… But

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Antidepressants and counselling have both been found to help prevent relapse of depression

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Although her daytime hot flashes had improved with hormone replacement therapy, Cathy still had night sweats that woke her up several times during the night

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birth rates higher (nowhere near as many c-sections unless necessary) and the infant mortality rate is lower

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